Monday, 7 November 2011

Flow and interruption 1: internal flow

Finding Flow 
Find a warm comfortable place to lay quietly.

In this space spend time just being with there, being in the moment, such that you allow yourself to come to rest. 
This may take time. That is ok. Note the time is takes to be present in this moment (rather than rushing ahead with your time, thoughts, actions...)

Note the sounds, textures, movement, temperature in and around you.

Are these part of the flow of being in this moment, or perhaps you find them interruptions... (interruptions to what you might ask yourself?).

Allow the sounds, textures, movements etc to drifting in and out of your awareness, such that you remain open to them (you needn't pretend these 'interruptions' aren't happening, but don't fix upon them,....) they are all part of the flow of this time.   

How does this reconfigure notions of flow and interruption, what would a flow of interruptions be like? How might flow itself be an interruption?

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