Friday, 11 November 2011

Flow and interruption 3: external triggers

External Triggers (vocal):

Working with a witness/partner.

As you dance you respond to external instructions to....

Pay attention to the nature of your 'responses' and vary them, play with the different possibilities.

As a development you might give instructions to your partner at the same time such that an exchange as a form of duet evolves.

Video: Lightly edited, camera on dolly.
In this version I also trigger alterations in the camera operation/framing via the instruction to 'change'.

External triggers (sounds):

Developing the use of simple instructions to trigger a response
... to a change, pause or elaborate...
map these instructions to external and random sounds.

In the video below for example the triggers are mapped as follows:
Change to passing Cars
Pause to external Voices
Elaborate to corridor and door sounds

These random 'interruptions' become part of your dance,
listen for them, whilst staying within your practice...  
note the way your awareness needs to be in several places.
Note the way the sounds layer over each other, generating complexities....

How do you elaborate a pause?
How do you response to two triggers that come at once?

Video: lightly edited, camera on a dolly.
Here the camera work is also triggered to 'change' through external sounds (in this case passing cars).

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