Nomadic Dance Improvisation: Planning a research practice

What are the features, forms, physicalities, philosophies and politics of nomadism in/as improvisation?

What might the actualities of a nomadic approach be like in practice, in movement?

This blog will share my improvisatory investigations as I work through these questions and explore 'nomadic' territories. Taking a key idea each month the research will entail experimenting and developing improvisation tasks, short thought pieces in writing, reflections and documentation on video and in photographs.

The conceptual frames, through which I will journey in the coming months, are as listed below:

May: Beginnings
June: Journeys – through the body, through space, through time
July: Transformations
Aug: (Re)locations
Sept/Oct: (Re)visiting and inverting
Nov: Flow and interruption
Dec/Jan: Connectivities

Jan/Feb: Perspective
March / April: Intersubjectivities: Duets
May: Continuing exchanges: Duets
June/Aug: Open improvisation

These concepts resonate across (my) experiences of improvisation to nomadism and back, forming the basis for a nuanced nomadic practice to emerge….

However it is worth noting that the order and details may well change – as is nature of improvisation and research processes - and further months will be add and ideas revisited as the practice becomes more refined.

Jan-June: Workshop and Installation Practice 

Through the coming months my attention in this project will be to:
1. develop a workshop programme for and with others and,
2. to explore methods through which to share this form with an audience via an interactive installation.

The workshop will be written up in blog form (in the central panel), whilst the new focus upo audiences will be written up in a new page entitled: Improvisational relations: Interactive screen practices.