Thursday, 12 January 2012

Connectivities: duets

Embodied transformations

Working with a partner, support their movement – stroking, holding, guiding, following your partners movement with your hands. Guiding their emerging solo, and echoing it with your touch and in your body.

When you are ready exchange roles - passing from guide to guided.

As the dance between you develops and extends let a duet take shape. Following and leading blur. A dance with or without touch/contact is formed.

                         Note how this dance resides within you....

then, when you are ready - drift away from your partner and explore this dance as a solo... how does it reside in your body?

then when ready find a new partner.. here allow a different dance to form – informed by the previous duet and altered by this new partners dance…
       and again move to solo’s, and then in time, new duets…

then, following one more solo re-find your first partner –
re-find your first dance,

                      Noting what has changed, how things have moved                 on,             transformed.
                     Note what remains, what remains anew...

inspired by Eva Karzcaq (ID workshop Dec 12th, 2011)