Video and Improvisation

The video clips that document this emerging 'nomadic improvisation practice' are created quickly in response to the improvisation tasks being explored in a workshop context (rather than in a performance mode). As such they are created intuitively and echo the improvisational processes. They are intended to capture and (re)present the dance in a fairly simple, direct manner as such they are filmed in natural light they are (generally) only lightly edited with limited range of effects used.

Example 1 - Camera on a dolly, such that the videographer 'dances' with the performer 

Improvisation: Dancer and camera traversing through space togther from Vida Midgelow on Vimeo.

Example 2 - Open improvisation recorded on a Canon 550D using an intervalometer:

An Open improvisation in the studio sunlight! from Vida Midgelow on Vimeo.

Other possible modes of 'representing' improvisation on screen with dance artists Hamilton, Forsythe and Simpson:

Speaking improvisation (Hamilton)

Computer renderings (Forsythe)

Camera as Co-improviser (Kirsty Simpson, by McPherson)

Energy Sculpting from Goat on Vimeo.