Friday, 21 October 2011

(Re)visiting and inverting 2: accumulating

Composing and building... noting and 'repeating'
Material adds upon material it emerges...

Starting dancing, following whatever movement initiation occurs to you, while paying attention to your actions.
Note a 'key'* movement idea and return to it (in repeat, inverted, to another direction for example)

Moving on.....

Then again, note your next 'key' movement ideas.... add this idea to your first - 
replay one, add in two, replay one and two, add in a third, replay one, two and three, add in a forth...
Accumulating these never quite the same materials, ....following each phrase and returning, replaying..
                                           this is an exercise in paying attention, in remembering...

 * by 'key' I mean you to select whatever movement images resonate strongly with you whilst you are dancing.

Improvisation 1 (in timelapse video)

Improvisation 2 (in real time with a light edit)

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