Sunday, 1 April 2012

Intersubjectivites: Duets 2

See March 16th 2012 post for the task relating to this video material.

Video: Duet (version 1 : part 1)
I-Ying Wu joins me in a duet (I-Ying is a PhD candidate at University of Northampton researching movement improvisation and daoism)
No sound, filmed from fixed camera. Here one round of call and response are edited into one screen.

Video: Duet (version 1: part 2)
I-Ying and I in a duet emerging of the call and response solos shown in the video above. 
No sound, filmed from fixed camera and unedited.

Video: Duet (version 2)
I-Ying and I move through a loose call and response score and resulting duet form.
No sound, filmed from fixed camera and unedited.

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Anonymous said...

Yi-Ying Wu (via facebook)... the dynamic as you; the dynamic as me. the subtle as me; the subtle as you. your memory in me; my memory in you. our bodies. i dance in your memory; you dance in mine. we dance in the shared land of our memories. but eventually we are different... or the same? being together is the only memory we can share to each other when we are together in the end, i guess...