Friday, 16 March 2012

Intersubjectivities: Duet

Feeding off your partners movement.. Partner A Partner B
A. Dances for 3mins. Pause.
B. Observes. Noting what draws you. Imagine shapes, patterns, dynamics in your body as you watch.

B. Dances for 3mins in response. Take with you into your dancing the imagined sensations, images and patterns you noted whilst observing.
A. Observes. Watching, noting, imagining.

Repeat the call response structure at least 3 times.

A and B dance together.
Both drawing on the sensations and actions from your dancing/watching.
Both respond to each other in the moment.... echo, contrast, transform.

Note what changed in your own dancing and that of your partner.
How does dancing together shift you both?

Video: Duet 1
Matthew Gough joins me in a Duet (Matt, is a senior lecturer in Dance at University of Northampton, Director of Playgrounds Dance Company and blogger:
Filmed on a dolly, lightly edited

Video: Duet 2 Filmed on a dolly, lightly edited (this version, danced again with Matt Gough, takes a more open approach to the above structure follows in essence the same task/score).

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