Thursday, 4 August 2011

(Re)locations 1: responses to site

As a 'traveller' the Nomadic Improvisor is open to shifting inbetween spaces, re-orientating oneself to/within sites, reforming the body and the dance in response to new impulses -  sights, sounds, textures, atmosphere and energies of changing locations.

Video: A short series of clips filmed with a static mid shot using a flip camera and very simply edited using 'magic video' flip share software.

Noting and Absorbing:
Spend time in a chosen location, rest there. 
Observe, listen, absorb the place in which you find yourself.
Being curious...being open,
Note details, patterns, atmospheres.
Note how they resonate within you.

Entering and Responding:
Starting to respond, 
May be movement will arise... impulses from what you see, hear, feel... responses to textures, colours, light and shade...

Move freely, following whilst noting, what it is that draws you.
What in this location is it that initiates your dance? 

Shift between impulses, allowing the complexities of this new space to become familiar, to enter your body through your actions and your attention.

Start to pay attention to particular features of the space...
Stay with one (or two) impulses, deepening your understanding and awareness through dwelling in them, encountering this detail multiple times, for each time it will be different, each time it can be experienced anew.


Vida Midgelow said...

See a Creative Response by Lotti, go to:

Charlotte Nichol/Gompertz said...

Sorry, I couldn't resist showing this one - landscape moves me like music.