Thursday, 18 August 2011

(Re)locations 2: home

Improvising as a way of (re)experiencing 'home':

Choose somewhere comfortable to you, a familiar place.
Note, with the knowledge of the native, your habitual usage and experiences of this space.
            ....... Then explore it anew, such that you bring different energy, patterns, usages etc to it through your dancing in this space.
Viewing it with the curiosity of the tourist and the restlessness of the homeless....
It may be as simple as a different route from sitting to sanding, door to chair.... or perhaps you might sit upside down on your sofa - bringing a new perspective.. or you might sleep at the opposite end of the bed.  Small alterations that allow you to 'see' and 'experience' things otherwise. And these experiences might give rise to more extended moments of moving, dancing.

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