Friday, 17 June 2011

Journeys 6

In No One Place
Being everywhere and no where in the body all at once.....
       ..........every one of your trillion-billion cells activated all at once (as Deborah Hay might describe it!)

Video: Unedited, static shot, placed in a black frame.

Untitled from Vida Midgelow on Vimeo.

Dwelling and Moving On
Finding a vocabulary, a way of moving... 
stay with this material..
.... what is the nature of it? Where is it? How does it 'move'?

Note when another impulse draws you. (You may choose to to go in this new direction or let the moment pass...)

When ready...
......Establish a new area of exploration ... a new way of moving, new material in which to dwell...
....finding a 'thing', stay with it, shift on.....
      ......dwelling and moving on .... dwelling and moving on.

Video: two lightly edited versions of this improvisation are layered into a composite image such that 'dwelling' and 'moving on' begin to merge.

Untitled from Vida Midgelow on Vimeo.

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